Thursday, January 20, 2005

The First African American Female Secretary of State—What a Joke!

You would think I would be proud. An African American woman is about to become Secretary of State here in this Godforsaken, racist country. I should be bursting at the seams, right? I should see this as progress for both African Americans and women, right? I should want to meet her and tell her how she inspires me…how she is a role model to young African American girls across the nation.

But to be quite honest, I wish, by some miracle, that she would just disappear from the political scene altogether and take her boyfriend, GWB, right along with her. I’d love to get her into a private room and give her the neck-rolling verbal assault of a lifetime for being African American in skin tone only, yet getting all the credit for advancing a race she clearly doesn’t love. She doesn’t deserve to be called our “first” anything, because she’s a pathetic sellout who probably couldn’t spell “African American” with a dictionary sitting in front of her. Most African American folks I know would gladly turn her over to Whitey for less than the price of tea in China. I personally wouldn’t pee on her if she was on fire and stopped to ‘drop and roll’ right in my path.

Damn…I sound evil, but I just don’t trust her. And I resent the fact that she is the “first woman” of our race in this, or any, arena.

A woman worthy of the honor of going down in history as the “first African American woman…” should never take a stand against affirmative action whether it’s a muted stance or a blatant one. As Provost of Stanford University, it is quite clear that she got that job, in large part, because of being not just a qualified applicant, but rather a qualified “black female” applicant capable of diversifying the university’s administration simply by coming to work. How does one who benefits from affirmative action all of a sudden decide not to support it in order to appease Whitey. Here’s what Miss Condoleezza had to say about continuing the diversity trend her appointment started at Stanford:

“I’m the chief academic officer now. I say in principle that I don’t believe in and in fact will not apply affirmative action (in university appointments).”

Interesting rhetoric for someone who’s gotten as far as she has thanks to affirmative action. And interesting rhetoric from someone whose own boss at Stanford, Gerhard Casper, told the New Yorker in 2002, “It would be disingenuous for me to say that the fact that she was a woman, the fact that she was black and the fact that she was young weren't in my mind."

Condoleezza and Clarence Thomas must be best buds.

She says she’s a Republican because, after growing up in the Jim Crow South, she remembers when Old South Democrats wouldn’t allow her father to register to vote, but that Republicans would. With all of her education, you’d think she’d realize that those Democratic cooks from back in the day are cut from the same cloth as the Republicans she’s in bed with today. If she had any sense at all, she wouldn’t claim either party…throughout our history, both have screwed African Americans at some point or another. In my opinion, it’s all about the lesser of the two evils. And here lately, those lesser evils claim “Democrat” as their party.

And without going into a long litany about the war in Iraq, I’ll just say that her role in all of this mess disgusts me. She has lied for this administration so many times, I’m sure she probably can’t distinguish the truth anymore.

Condoleezza, you are as sad as your hairstyle looks. You may be African American on the surface and have had your fair share of racist blows throughout your lifetime. But you clearly have lost your way now, despite all of your education and achievements.

You’ve sold your soul to the devil, Used-To-Be-Sista-Girl. And for that, there is no forgiveness. I know the Democrats are working to delay your confirmation, but I realize their efforts at this point are unfortunately useless. I’ve come to grips with the fact that you, your Presidential office-stealing boyfriend and all the rest of your cronies will be constantly lying about something, further ruining our international reputation, continuing to get our sons and daughters killed while fighting wars we don’t belong in, and spending money ya’ll don’t know how to manage for the next four years.

I hope you’re happy. Your decision to become the Republican Ho has made you a permanent part of some of the most tainted American history this country will ever see. Enjoy your worldly fame while it lasts because you will truly have to answer to the ancestors someday. And my guess is, they’ll whoop your ass for all eternity.


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