Monday, January 03, 2005

Dude...Where Were You? This Happened A Week Ago!

After damn near a full week following the tsunami tragedy that killed far more than 100,000 people in parts of Asia, our “president” signed a proclamation Saturday ordering all flags to be flown at half-staff to honor those who have been lost or injured. The effort is supposed to bolster America’s so-called humanitarian image.

My question to GWB…why wait until now? I realize that certain aspects like the dollar figure of humanitarian aid require a bit of closed-door negotiation, but would it have been too much to ask for you to take your tacky behind to the podium when all this first popped off to express, at a minimum, some level of concern and regret? Aren’t you supposed to be the world leader who cares about how the rest of the world lives? Isn’t that one of the bullshit lines you’ve been trying to get both your voluntary and involuntary constituents to believe?

Are you and your people really that inept that you think this “gesture” actually means something to the rest of the world? You’ve gone way past proving you didn’t give a shit by taking your damned sweet time to even acknowledge the crisis in the first place.

That mishap on your part only represents yet another piece of evidence proving you are, in no way, capable of representing America on a world stage. You come across as very callous and outright stupid if you ask me. You certainly don’t act like a world leader…let alone MY leader!

You don’t even know how to keep up appearances. In all my years of living, I’ve never known someone in your position who acted with such blatant disregard for the courtesies that MUST be extended from the Oval Office. I’m not so naïve as to believe that you actually care about any agenda other than your own. Most politicians don’t. However, even when they don’t, they understand how to play the game well enough so that people can’t stack up a whole bunch of proof points about their disregard. Where were you when they passed out tact in school? Oh shit…I done fo-got who Iz talkin’ to. You and school probably didn’t get along much, huh?

Anyway, I refuse to waist anymore energy on you today, GWB. The bottom line is…you suck. And you always will.

I hope all you folks out there who voted in his favor are happy right about now. We would have done better electing Scooby Doo!


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