Thursday, March 17, 2005

Free At Last, Free At Last…Thank Ya, Lawd!

It’s official. I’ve turned in my two-week notice, and am on my way to bigger and better endeavors. I know I’ve been away from the blogging scene for quite a while, but trust me, it was for good reasons. I’ll take this time to update you on what’s been happing in the world of JustMe...

The Homie-Lover-Friend Update

Ain’t a single thing changed on the man front. I still don’t have one, and the prospects are only getting more dismal by the day.

The latest potential Stud is a dude from my past. He wasn’t a boyfriend or anything like that. Just a dude I knew from high school. In fact, he’s a couple of years younger than me, so he definitely had no hope back in the day. However, I spotted him at a party recently and he was looking GOOD.

After talking to him on the phone just one time, I reduced his status from “potential” to “total loser” all within the timeframe of about 20 minutes. That’s how long it took him to brief me on his four children by three baby-mamas—two of which he’s still sleeping with—one of which still cooks his food on a regular basis. Translation…this fool ain’t got no business trying to hook up with me. He may have the body of a god, but he comes with more baggage than a sista can handle in one lifetime.

Gone are my days of screwing just for the hell of it. So, I guess there’ no reason to move forward with anything he’s trying to offer.


The Family

My family has gone through some trials over the past few weeks. We lost my aunt in January, who had been suffering from the after effects of surgery to remove an aneurism from the base of her brain. The surgery resulted in paralysis from her waist down, and she never recovered mentally. We tried to rally around my cousin, who is my aunt’s only child. She is doing very well, however, because she knows she did everything she could to keep her mom happy and comfortable until the end. Plus, she will always have us to lean on.

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December. We went through several weeks of worrisome hell prior to his surgery at the end of February. Turns out, his cancer never spread beyond the prostate, and his doctor thinks he’ll make a full recovery. God is truly good all the time.

JustMe, in General

With all that’s been going on, the biggest personal drama I had just got solved with my new job. It’s definitely a step up, and will look exceptional on my resume. Plus, the nature of the work deals with children, and that means I’ll have the opportunity to do some good with my public relations skills. Can’t ask for anything better than that!

I continue to get more disgusted by the day over the shit our president and his team of fools are doing to further ruin the country. But, I don’t have the energy to dig deeper on this point, so I’ll save it for another post.

I’m convinced Michael Jackson didn’t do it. He may be a bit “touched” as we say, but that doesn’t make him a criminal. I don’t think many child molesters would tell their victims to call their parents to find out of it’s okay to sleep together if there truly was an intent to do harm. There…I said it! Just suck it up if you don’t agree. :-)

I get to take a week off before I start my next job. My last day on this job is March 24. It’s been a long time coming.

Okay…well, that’s the short and skinny of the past several weeks. I’m planning to post more frequently, and am hoping some of ya’ll still give a hoot about what I have to say.

Until next time…peace.


At 1:55 AM, Blogger Jdid said...

was wondering what happened to you. thought you had quit blogging or gone back to beat up the chick at the dry cleaners.

Congrats on the new job and my condolences on your aunt's death. I also hope that your dad does indeed make a full recovery.

At 11:16 AM, Blogger JustMe said...

Thanks, Jdid.

I've certainly missed communicating with all ya'll cool folks over the past several weeks. I hope to never be forced to stay away so long in the future. It's good to be back.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Rod said...

Welcome back. Glad to see you ain't giving "it" up for just anyone. Sorry to hear about your family, my family's going though it too.
By the way, change my link to I left Blogger so I could be more geeky.

At 11:16 AM, Blogger o said...

FIRST OFF, Praise God, from whom all blessings flow. For your new job. For your father. For your aunt and your family...God knows all things, and He giveth and taketh away all in due time. His name is still to be praised. (throws a hallelujah for ya!)

SECOND, I hear ya on the 'no prospects' thing. But I don't meet any 'losers'...mebbe 'cause I don't go out. I DID dash Terrell Owens out of my life (LMAO) because I found out he had MORE THAN ONE CHILE out of wedlock. All right. I knew about the one kid and was gonna tolerate that. But more than one? 'Im TOO LIE, man!

THIRD... thanks to the shameless ad promotions on your blog (lol, kidding) I found out Hotel Rwanda is available on DVD! Praise God! muss mek one trip to di Blockbusta!

FOURTH...I'm glad you posted something. Was getting a bit worried. HA HA HA @ what J-did said! LMAO! Beat up the lady! (Did you ever go back? Or have you changed dry cleaners?)

Bye! -soli

At 10:43 AM, Blogger The Marlo Girl said...

hey sis,

good to see you're back! was wondering what happened to you-- everytime i checked your page i was still seein' "oh no she didn't" and thought maybe mustache sally had tracked you down and tied you up in a cella somewheres... LOL

thanks for the words of support, congrats on the new job, and here's to bigger and better things for the rest of the 0-5!


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