Monday, March 21, 2005

Don’t Get It Twisted…

One thing that pisses me off more than anything is white people who think they have somehow been so thoroughly accepted by African American culture that they can get away with using the “N” word just because 50 Cent does.

Word to the wise for That-Kind-of-White-Folk…don’t get it twisted! You are never authorized to use the word, and doing so in front of the wrong one of us will get your ass kicked even if we just fed you lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

My recent post about Lil Kim fueled such bravery from one white person on Here’s what this dude had to say…

Lil Kim is a stank ass ho, she represents the very worst of African American culture.

Here are some of the whore's accomplishments: Arrested for marijuana possession; stomach pumped because she swallowed so much cum, flashed her minge at a concert, flashes her silicon-enhanced breasts every chance she gets, bragging about what a ho she is.

All those fine African Americans who defend Lil Kim are idiots. I hope their daughters imitate Lil Kim and smoke week, whore around and suck di** like it be going out of style in the ghetto.

In prison, Lil Kim won't be the Queen Bee, she will be just another ignorant nigga.

Don't even compare the negro Lil Kim with Martha Stewart. Martha is an intelligent, hardworking self-made billionare. Lil Kim is just another stupid, vulgar, whorish African American slut.

Here's one white guy who will be smoking a big ole cigar in celebration when that black whore is carted off to prison.

I can totally feel him when it comes to his dislike for Lil Kim’s over-the-top-slutty image. She has often made me about as sick as an episode of Fear Factor where the contestants dine on moose testicles and coagulated blood balls. But, he truly made that “nigga” line up, didn’t he? And then to follow that up with the "negro" word and a line like, "Lil Kim is just another stupid, vulgar, whorish African American slut" is like purposely throwing straws to break the camel's back! I mean, where is he going with the whole "another African American slut" thing?

Somebody please explain the rationale behind a white person who thinks they can get away with such fuckery! Do they think they can get away with it because J-Lo did in one of her songs with Ja Rule? If you ask me, J-Lo needed her ass whooped for saying it, and I’m mad at every single black person who bobbed their heads to her beat.

The point of the matter is pretty simple. Black folks don’t need to be throwing around the “N” word any more than anybody else. And I say that with guilty fingers pointed in my direction.

But when it comes to white folks, the word takes on a whole new meaning regardless of whether the offending white person has an entire arsenal of black friends and every single NWA album that ever existed.

Let me break it down like this. It is not entirely uncommon for a woman to call one of her girls “bitch” in a friendly way. It may not be nice or politically correct, but it certainly doesn’t mean the women are about to fight.

But let a man call the same woman a “bitch” and see what happens. He’ll probably end up with claw marks down the side of his face.

To put it plainly…if you’re white…don’t ever let a black person catch you throwing around the “N” word unless you’re in the mood to swallow your teeth. ‘Cause that’s exactly what can, and SHOULD, happen if you do.

History has given the “N” word a negative connotation whenever it escapes the lips of white mouths. It doesn't matter if the white mouth is racist or owned by someone who marched right alongside of Dr. King. Whites can NEVER safely use the word in our presence. Just erase it from your vocabulary or prepare to lose your tongue.



At 5:56 PM, Blogger Rod said...

I hate that word and everything it stands for. I haven't used the "N" bomb in over 7 years. I hate it when anyone uses that word. White or Black. That word was used by whites to degrade blacks, now we degrade each other without a white man's help. The KKK are laughing in our faces, as far as they are conserned its another mission accomplished.
Do you see white people running around calling each other crackers or honkeys? No, because its stupid and silly.
I'm not Muslim, but I would rather here someone calling me "my brother" than "my nigger".

At 10:18 PM, Blogger Der Ozzman said...

I despise the "N" word and Lil Kim equally. Both are just as crude and vulgar they could be brother and sister. However I think that this is not an issue of a white guy who misfires with the "N" word a couple times, but rather a guy who has issues with all aspects of black people and black culture. Obviously dude's a racist. The "N" word is just the indication. The real meat of the matter was how he chose to spoke about African Americans. So while his use of the word is wrong, don't believe that it was careless. After reading what he wrote it doesn't surprise me that he used the word.What I'm trying to say that it wasn't his comfort level with the word that allowed him to use it, it's just that he's a racist.

At 6:48 AM, Blogger Jdid said...

I'm agreeing wid ozzman here. In the context of his argument the n word is but a small part of showing that this guy has issues with blacks. dont let me start on some of those white "stank ass hos" like madonna, britney and paris hilton. hey at least I never seen Kim kissing chicks on stage or starring in sex film

as PE said. "straight up racist the sucka was simple an plain mutha f* him and join wayne!

At 9:08 AM, Blogger JustMe said...

Yeah, you're right J-did and Ozzman. This guy is a David Duke clone for sure. I was too mild, I know...

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand where you all are coming from...I really do. I tend to agree with Rod. If we review history...the N word was made up to specifically degrade African Americans. In no way was this word created to encourage or lift up the African American people. I don't like it when we even say to each other: "What's up "N"? It is as if we subconsciously and/or consciously accepted what the white man has labeled us to be. So we greet each other and we give "dab" to each other and we THINK that it's okay because, "Oh, it's not hurting anyone." But do you not realize that for every name there is a meaning? Do you not realize that when you are called by your God giving are actually becoming that name. So if your name is Cassaundra then you would be "God's little helper." If your name was Abrianna then you'd be "A Woman of many nations."
My brothers and my sisters...Nigger means: a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons. Otherwise a word expressive of racial hatred and bigotry. Genesis 1:26 (KJV) says "And God said. Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..." In Deuteronomy 10:17 (NLV) it states: For the Lord your God is the God of gods and the Lord of lords. He is a great and powerful God and is to be honored with fear. He DOES NOT SHOW FAVOR, and cannot be bought with money.
Being that God made us in His image and He does not show favortism...then why do we? There is no one higher then the other in the eyes of the Lord. It is us who puts labels on folk and status quo on folk and all. I don't understand. Please help me understand. We need to change our thinking. We need to change our mentalities. We need to raise our level of thinking here! We need to be assured of who we are and who's we are. We need to come up out of the slavery mentality that has been instilled in us even before we were born. We've come a long way but we still have a long, long way to go.
His Child

At 2:43 PM, Blogger JustMe said...

Dear His Child:

Thank you for your comments. You are absolutely is Rod on the same point. We've got to stop embracing the word like it's some sort of pet name for our friends. Use of the word makes a mockery of everything our ancestors went through on our behalf.

Hope to see you back again soon.

At 6:09 PM, Blogger o said...

Girl I was gonna blow a gasket but you said it all for me.
Ok I admit... I have been using the N-word in the same way Chris Rock has been using it (Black people vs. niggas)

I've been using it for IGNORANT people. That includes whites, Asians, Chinese, whatever. Decided to throw it back at them.

I have yet to say it in person (to a caucasian person)...will let you know when it happens.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Q.Rock639 said...

I hear you...don't even get me started on that issue...saw the comment on BC too, I wanted to F him up!
Peace JustMe!

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

I can accept the logic of what you're saying. As a general rule, I don't touch that word. It's a hand grenade, and my momma taught me not to play with hand grenades.

But, I take issue with the interpretation that "dude's obviously racist." That's an equally knee-jerk reaction, and one which is counter-productive.

Personal example: When I was growing up, I NEVER heard that word. Dad was in the service and worked alongside African-Americans and never said anything negative about them; I played with kids of all colors growing up.

When I start going to college, suddenly Dad starts dropping that word left and right, every time he sees a black folk on UPN or whatnot, along with terribly unfunny mockeries of hip-hop slang. I ask him why he does this, and he says "Why shouldn't I? They call each other that."

Yeah, I know it's not the same, too, but my point is, that in itself is a problem. When whites criticize the Lil' Kims and 50 Cents of the world, they're labelled as racists. What Jesse Jackson can say about African-American culture and receive nods all around, I can't say without being called names.

The end result is that whites get the message "You don't get to speak your mind around us, because you are not the same as us." All of which re-inforces, rather than tears down, the hateful myth of Race. It makes everyone think "this group is different," and "this group has different standards," and "this group can't be communicated with in the same way." All of which culminates in the dismissal of the different, complete with traditional ethnic slur.

I'm not trying to justify, more like trying to point out contributing factors to the problem. IMHO, nobody should be using that word. Because that would be a standard applicable to all, and I think we'd all agree that we need more of those kinds of standards...

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nigger nigger nigger

oh no, a whitey just used that word

At 12:26 AM, Blogger Jaylyn, The Queen said...

Any white person who gets their panties in a bunch over not being allowed to use the "N" word obviously has some race issues (fully illustrated by Anonymous (let's point out Anonymous didn't even have the balls to identify him/herself)).
I have to be completely honest. I'm white and I have used the "N" word. I'm not making excuses, but my experience is what it is. I grew up in a very diverse city (NYC), most of my friends are people of color, most of those people of color are African American. I grew up around a lot of African Americans who didn't have a problem with me saying that word, and honestly, it wasn't until I was about 16 that I got schooled by anyone about not using the word. I'm not saying I didn't know the history of the "N" word, I'm saying that I grew up in an environment where it was part of our vernacular. However, once I was educated that this just wasn't a cool thing to be saying, I took that information and stopped using the word. I do still use it around my old friends b/c that's how we all talk. I use it in the same vain as Dave Chappelle. I use it for any and everyone regardless of their race. But I would never do that around anyone I wasn't familiar with. And that's not an issue. It's not a word I need or crave to say. When I hear white people bitching about how they can't use the "N" word, I always think "Let it go! Why do you want to use it that bad anyway?" I think that's the bottom line. That's a question each of those people is going to have to answer for themselves. For further insight on this word from my perspective you can visit my blog. Keep checking. I'll be addressing this soon.

At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:15 PM, Blogger seeitfoyoself said...

I personally hate the 'n'word myself, but somebody please tell me why in the hell are black people that's comin down on the white boy, and Lil 'sexy ass' Kim' fo using the 'n' word when everybody from the east to west coast breathes that tone like its an 'epidemic-hiccup' or somethin? Don't get it twisted now... I'm not in the least defending neitha one. Just sayin...ya know; good fo da geese...come on now-the ganda! tranlation--If you're going to use Lil-Kim(black girl) and the white boy as examples of referencing Africans(in The States), then legitimize your stance-at least by mentioning names with the same rage such as 'heroes' like L.L.; Ice-Cube; P-Diddy; 50-cents; etc. Does these guys somehow represent the Black race more legitimally because they themselves are Black men? Or is the rage from the one post(obviously a black female) due to an inferior mentality of the host itself? We cannot have it BOTH ways!!! I find across-the-board that people of ALL concerned races tend to be adversed to white men, and women in general who bandy that 'utterance'('n'-word) about.

At 12:21 PM, Blogger seeitfoyoself said...

I personally hate the 'n'-word myselfm but somebody please tell me why in the hell are black people that's comin down on the white boy , and 'Lil sexy-ass Kim' fo using the 'n' word when everybody from coast-to-coast breathes that tone like its and 'epidemic-hiccup' or somthin? Don't get it twisted now... I'm not in the least defending neitha...just sayin-come-on-now-good fo da geese....da ganda!

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck you stupid fucking niggers. Don't like white people saying it? Don't fucking say it yourselves then you stupid fucking NIGGERS.

At 6:33 AM, Anonymous anonymousdrei said...

...are you serious?

some people are allowed to say different things simply because they're different. It just makes sense. Maybe both groups of people shouldn't be saying it, but one is more entitled to than the other, so the less entitled group shouldn't be complaining.

Think about it this way, and this is the best example I can come up with so late...if you're not Christian, you're not going to call someone else your brother in christ. It's okay for Christians that believe to say it, because it applies to them not to you.

similarly, you shouldn't be able to say nigger unless you're black or just really a person who likes to do irrational things. I'm not saying that it's okay for black people to insult each other, but 1) If it's okay with them, fine. Besides, it's putting a twist to a word loaded with hatred through the ages, and 2) black people shouldnt be entitled to say it, but they're sure as hell more entitled to say than white people or anyone else.

Just think about it this way if you're white. Your white friend calling you a cracker wouldn't have the same impact as your black friend doing the same thing.

....actually, that'd be weird, i'd prefer the black person saying it, because i know he's comfortable enough to not worry that i think he's insulting me, while the white person saying it would be weird...cuz we just dont do that haha

At 5:04 AM, Anonymous justmetoo said...

It's a word. The meaning isn't in the word, it's in the minds of the people speaking it and hearing it. The meaning is more or less different and unique to each person, though the more different the perceived meanings are, the less useful the word is as a way of communicating.

We give literal meanings to words; we say they denote something or some idea. This word we're talking about usually denotes someone with medium to dark-brown skin and at least some African ancestry. There's nothing to be offended about there; in fact I see it as a source of great pride for many, as it should be.

The problem is, we also assign emotional significance and value judgments to words by association with their use in particular contexts; and for obvious and valid historical reasons, most Americans of African descent are deeply offended by this particular word, particularly when spoken by Americans of European descent.

As a case in point, many, many years ago the English-born mother of a friend of mine used the word offhandedly in a conversation with an African-American woman in New Orleans shortly after arriving there, never dreaming it would give offense; she just had no experience to tell her it would. Aghast at bringing her poor companion to tears, upon learning the reason she apologized profusely and never again used the word. Fortunately the person she offended understood she only used it out of ignorance, and forgave her.

The point is, the power is not in the word itself, but in the intent behind it that the listener infers, based on who's saying it and in what context. Courteous people will make allowances for the sensitivities of others, and adapt their choice of language to avoid giving offense or causing distress. Forgiving people will make allowances for offense given inadvertently or through ignorance, and give others the benefit of the doubt when the actual intent isn't clear. How courteous or forgiving any given person chooses to be in any given situation is a personal choice and not for me to judge. Personally, I go out of my way to avoid giving offense in this way simply because I was raised among ignorant rednecks and know I can't fully trust that I've completely eradicated that pernicious influence from my habits and my thinking in spite of years of striving.

Having said all that, it pains me to have to make such distinctions and make different inferences about the intent and character of persons using a particular word on the basis of their apparent ancestry. Anything that makes me feel the need to think of a fellow human being as anything other than a specific, individual, unique fellow human being is a bad thing. Membership in a particular group or club or society, whether by virtue of common interests or common heritage, isn't unifying; it's divisive. While it unifies you with some number of people, it separates you from the much larger number who make up the rest of humanity.

So my choice appears to be either to negatively judge anyone who ever uses the word in any context, or to avoid using it myself but refrain from judging others simply for using it, regardless of who they are and who's listening (but not regardless of context; sometimes both the intent and the effect are clearly and unequivocally hurtful). I'm not entirely happy about either option. Luckily I hear the word used so rarely that I can't even remember the last time (before today) I had to worry about it.

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At 7:41 AM, Blogger Adam said...

Apart from my obvious ancestral hand in the most horrific crime against humanity, I don't have many links to the black community, but I'm assured by my few black friends that they respect me much more for acting myself than if I tried to relate to them in some stereotypical way, I can watch and enjoy black music, comedy art, film without turning in to Dave Chappelle.
It makes me cringe when I here a white guy say the N word, we have no right (or need IMO) to say this word on any level.

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