Monday, January 10, 2005

A Miscarriage Could Earn You a Year in Jail

My new cyberfriend, Ariel, published a recent post about Virginia State Delegate John Cosgrove (R-78) and the alarmingly foul piece of legislation he is trying to pass that would force a woman to spend 12 months in jail and/or pay a $2,500 fine for having a miscarriage and failing to report it to law enforcement within 12 hours. Sound ridiculous? It’s positively infuriating if you ask me!

Here’s the language of the Bill:

When a fetal death occurs without medical attendance, it shall be the woman’s responsibility to report the death to the law-enforcement agency in the jurisdiction of which the delivery occurs within 12 hours after the delivery. A violation of this section shall be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Only a man could come up with something so foul on this particular subject. And I’m not even trying to make a blanket statement against men in general. But surely no woman could have come up with something so bizarre. A woman would understand that there is nothing criminal about having a miscarriage. To penalize a woman for having to endure one of the most traumatic experiences of her life is a sin against basic human decency. And only someone exempt from personally suffering through such an emotionally and physically painful ordeal could actually grab a pen and write down such flagrant bullshit!

This is the kind of crap that makes me want to bitch slap somebody, and then knock out their mama for bringing them into the world for me to slap in the first place. I am truly appalled. Cosgrove sounds like he must have been some sort of test-tube baby with no umbilical cord attachment whatsoever.

I know so many women who have had to endure a miscarriage…some of them went through numerous miscarriages. And as I review their faces, I have yet to conjure a single scenario that warranted jail time.

And let’s delve a bit deeper into the Class 1 Misdemeanor in the state of Virginia. Other crimes with equal penalties include:

• A person 18 years of age or older engaging in consensual intercourse with a child 15 or older who is not a spouse, child or grandchild (more commonly known as “statutory rape”)

• Burning or destroying a building or structure if the property therein is valued at less than $200 (arson)

• A bomb threat made by someone younger than 15

• Carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

• Stalking

• Purchasing or providing alcohol to minors

Damn! Ain’t it a shame that Cosgrove thinks of a woman who has a miscarriage the same as someone who committed statutory rape? What in the hell has this country come to?

I don’t live in Virginia, so it’s not as if this legislation would affect me if it gets passed…at least not yet! But for all my sisters in Virginia, my suggestion is that you do everything you can to destroy this Bill.

Oh, and if you spot Delegate Cosgrove at the supermarket…kick his ass real good for all the rest of us. The next thing we know, it’ll be a crime to come on your period and not inform law enforcement about the loss of blood! Each and every discarded sanitary napkin could be considered a crime scene...

Lions and tigers and bears...oh my!


At 3:16 PM, Blogger Jdid said...

is he mixing up miscarriage here with women who have babies in bathrooms and just leave them unattended and walk away (rare occurance but it duz happen occasionally)

soundsrather dumb to me

At 9:39 PM, Blogger backspacer said...

im so confused. a miscarriage: a natural occurance that is completely out of a woman's control? natures way of eliminating possibly difficult pregancies that could possibly kill the mother if the body didnt expel it? that kind of miscarriage?

not abortion - which is our choice. but a miscarriage?

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Rod said...

Crazy. Stupid. It's worse than getting jail time for attempting to commit suicide.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Lino Gomes said...

I sure wish I could read this blog. I knew I should have studied in French class.

PS: this is my retaliation against ur comment on my blog. Here, in Portugal, we talk and write in portuguese! Kisses!

At 3:54 PM, Blogger JustMe said...

Note to self...never visit that Portuguese blog again!

At 3:59 PM, Blogger o said...

Dat Portugese person was real RENK (rude)! LAWD! >:o(

Anyway, back on topic. A wha di hell is dis going on. I've been hearing a lot about Virginia as of late. And what I'm hearin' I'm not liking. A wha dis. Does anybody have any background info on this place? Was there racial tension at a time?
Forgive me. They don't teach US history in Canadian schools unless it's a course you tek in university.

At 4:05 PM, Blogger JustMe said...


Virginia is part of the 'ole South that worked so hard to keep our behinds in chains. But until now, I never realized they were this bass-ackwards. Amazing, isn't it? It just makes me wonder how many other silly pieces of legislation are being passed on a state level. Next thing you know, it'll be law for all of us. You got any extra room up there in Canada for me? :-)

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Ariel said...

i am glad other people are just as appalled at this bill as i was. a friend of mine wrote to the senator and received a email back, surprisingly. apparently "My bill in no way intends that a woman who suffers a miscarriage should be charged for not notifying authorities. The bill in no way mentions miscarriages, only deliveries. "
but umm, question? don't you deliver in a miscarriage? its still coming out, its still a delivery. i don't buy his response.
i'll post the email in its entirety for those who would like to read.

oh and about virginia...not all of it is cows and hicks. the northern part is basically like a seperate state. we have a starbucks on every corner and the only place one could go cow tipping is the zoo. ;-)

At 12:02 PM, Blogger The Marlo Girl said...

what kind of horseshit is that? men have been passing legislation on what women can do with their bodies for the longest time--without any regard on how these laws affect and hurt us.

you can very well bet that if men were the ones to give birth, men would be free to choose if they would carry to term or abort without persecution; OB GYNs would be second in importance to the president, birth control would be FREE, rapists would be given life sentences and childcare would be part of an employees hiring package.

reporting a miscarriage to authorities? as if the actual event itself wasn't traumatic enough? are you f*cking kidding? and so, in the unfortunate, painful, and utterly disappointing instance where the body takes several days to expel a fetus, a woman must then get up and make a phone call? and is there a special unit handling these types of calls? will there be grief counselling provided as a side service? or will the report be nothing more than an automated phone call:

... to report a fire, press "1"
... to report a lost or stolen car press "2"
... to report a miscarriage, press "3" or stay on the line for the next available operator.


At 7:27 PM, Blogger o said...

Yes mama, room for all a yuh. Just mek sure you bring fine Black men and yuh welcome ANYTIME! (lol)

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Worried Boyfriend said...

crazy people everywhere!

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