Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Father Forgive Us, For We Obviously Know Not What We Do

Kerry has conceded to Bush, so it looks like we’re on the verge of another four years of fuckery. So, for all my international friends out there, I’m looking for a new place to call home. Any ideas, please holla at me quick.

Yesterday, when I was watching the election coverage, they interviewed one woman in Columbus, Ohio who said she told her family she was moving to Canada if Bush made his way back to the Oval Office. I guess her bags are packed by now…

Four more years of this shit! I cannot believe it. I am truly baffled to know there are so many people in this country who felt Bush deserved another term. I can’t possibly fathom what reality they live in. ‘Cause the one I see in America these days is far from acceptable.

I guess the world is just so caught up in The Matrix of a comfy-cozy existence that they’ve missed all the warning signs that are way too blatant to ignore. Isn’t anybody alarmed that this man has everybody so frightened that they willingly give up their own rights to privacy to escape terror threats that never seem to happen? How was he so able to convince people that he is our great protector when none of this bullshit happened until his ass got in office?

Doesn’t anybody care that we went to war, lost more than 1,000 troops and injured at least another 7,000 more for no reason at all? Do people really think he’s protecting us when he says that the one person (Osama Bin Laden) who supposedly attacked us isn’t on his radar screen anymore?

Wasn’t Bush the same dude who sat reading school books to children after his aids informed him that the country was under attack? Isn’t he the same mo-fo with all the ties to Bin Laden’s family in the first place?

Don’t people think it’s odd that the two industries that have benefited most from this whole war business are the oil and defense industries—to which this man has extensive ties? The bottom line is…how in the hell does America trust Bush? At the very least, the people have to smell a rat here!

Don’t they care about the fact that the life he’s creating for our children will be of less quality than the lives we enjoyed as youngsters?

Don’t they care about the fact that he was never a legitimately elected president in the first place? Why are we placing our livelihood on someone who robbed us in the first place? That’s like getting jacked for your purse on a Friday night, and sending the offender a “thank you” card on Monday.

I just really don’t get this whole thing at all. Am I the one who’s crazy here? ‘Cause I’m really not sure how I’m supposed to feel.

Certainly, I have no power to do anything about it. I used my power yesterday, and it didn’t work.

It is what it is. Bush is in…Kerry’s out…and our government works on an agenda that does nothing for the people except make things more expensive, less safe, less private, less comforting and more impossible to manage.

I don’t know about the rest of ya’ll, but this election has floored me. I am at a loss for words…and that’s not the kind of problem I usually have.

So now, the job search that started out local and moved to national has now expanded to international proportions. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to escape…my family and everybody I love is here in the states. And considering the state of the rest of the world, I’m not sure I’ll find anyplace I like better. But maybe what I need is not “better;” maybe it’s just “different.”

Different is what I was looking for yesterday. Since I didn’t find it, the search is on to change my landscape into something a bit more my speed.

I don’t want to be paranoid! I don’t want to spy on my neighbors in the interest of national security! I don’t want to have to deal with yellow, red and orange terror alerts every hour on the hour. I don’t want to hear my president on TV acting like he’s only got a sixth grade education. I want a president that can pronounce “nuclear” with no problem.

I want a president who works for the people and not in spite of the people. I want a president who puts diplomacy above battles. I want a president who doesn’t go skipping around the world looking for new countries to bomb.

I want a president…

But instead, I’m stuck like Chuck with four more years of Bush. And that means four more years of Condoleezza (whose name sounds more like a venereal disease than somebody’s offspring). It means the gas prices aren’t going down, and it means that life is no closer to returning to normal than it was on September 12, 2001.

Damn people! How could you do it? How could you elect this man (I would say “re-elect” had he been truly elected the first time)? How can you trust Bush?

I just don’t get it at all…

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Leave Me Alone and Let Me Vote!

When I got home from work yesterday, two judges in Ohio ruled that it was neither necessary nor permissible for the Republican Party to send representatives to voting locations to challenge whether voter registrations were valid or not. Sometime during the night, however, those two judges were overruled. The Republican Party was granted its wish, and we would all be forced to deal with the potential that someone might challenge our right to vote.

The funny thing about the challengers is that they only seem concerned with Black neighborhoods where there have been recent spikes in the number of registered voters. Hmmm…go figure!

The Ohio media is also reporting instances where voters are directed to stand in lines for the wrong precinct. You can’t vote in the wrong precinct—despite whether or not your voting location is correct (there are numerous precincts in each voting location).

So we’ll see how the dust settles in my very pivotal “battleground” state. Stay tuned. Hell, forget that…just watch the news and we can chat about it tomorrow.

KERRY FOR PRESIDENT…or God help us all!

Oh…almost forgot. Since the Republicans have sent representatives to challenge the voters, the Democratic Party sent in representatives to challenge the challengers and protect the voters. The only result I’ve seen so far is even longer lines at the voting centers.

Anything to fuck up the process is what we can count on today. Damn!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Emmett Till's mother ordered an open casket for the funeral so that the world could see what had been done to her son. Posted by Hello

You Owe Me!

I don’t know how many of you saw the episode of 60 Minutes with Ed Bradley exploring new evidence in the Emmett Till case. But to sum up the major highlight, it looks like they are finally going to reopen Till’s case and prosecute the five offenders who remain alive today. Click here if you need some background on the story of Emmett Till.

I couldn’t be happier about the fact that there may finally be some justice in this case (no matter how long overdue). It’s a shame that Emmett Till’s mother isn’t alive to witness the day she fought so hard for.

But, the case brings me back to a point that keeps popping up in my mind…the case for African American reparations. When I think about reparations (and no, I haven’t studied the arguments in detail—I’m speaking because I’m Black and I can), I think about money being paid to me and the rest of my African American sisters and brothers for the time our ancestors suffered through slavery. I think about the whole 40 acres and a mule promise that was never kept.

But the truth is…I don’t want money. Not a thin dime of it. That, to me, would be a cop out. There is no price you can pay that erases the deeds of slavery. And there is no price you can pay that somehow lessens its effects. The damage is done, and it will take a miracle from God to undo all the evils of slavery and diminish its lasting effects.

You can’t go rummaging through the Atlantic Ocean, pluck out the tens of millions of African bodies lost during the middle passage and plop down money for proper burials. You can’t pay to reunite the families that were torn apart, and you cannot buy me a plaque with my true African name inscribed on it.

There is no way to un-rape the millions of women who unwillingly submitted to their masters’ passions. There is no way to erase the hurt endured by those countless husbands who had to sit by and watch.

You can’t bring back the culture that was lost. You can’t return us to a homeland that no longer looks familiar. Bottom line is, money ain’t gonna cut it. It’s just not an acceptable solution—certainly not as an only solution.

But what I would accept is a historical acknowledgement of the full extent of the crimes. That acknowledgement should be followed by a sincere apology that somehow etches itself in the most permanent places of American history.

I want the U.S. government to acknowledge the fact that there are numerous cases like Emmett Till’s that we don’t know about—both during and after slavery. I want them to admit how many people were killed in places like Rosewood, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma when those mobs of crazy White men picked off as many African Americans as they could before destroying their property and stealing their land.

I want them to admit how much they allow today’s cops to racially profile. I want them to admit that the law that places harsher penalties on crack cocaine dealers than it does on powder cocaine dealers is simply a plot to lock up more African American men.

And it would be nice if they got rid of the language in the constitution that categorized African Americans as three-fifths human. I could go on…

The bottom line is…reparations, for me, starts with a fess up. Forget the money. I want the truth. It’s not as if I expect to hear anything I didn’t already know or suspect. But I want to hear the government to admit the fact that what happened was wrong and should never be tolerated again.

The case against the murderers of Emmett Till is a long time coming. But there are so many other cases that will never get their time in court. No one will ever have to admit wrong doing. And that fact is what keeps the wounds of slavery open with puss still oozing out after more than 100 years.

As long as we have a society that hides behind lies—perpetrating a worldwide fraud that it is the leader of justice and freedom—then there is no amount of reparations worth considering.

I don’t want my history dismissed with a check. A check will only lead me to more bad credit anyway.

What I want is the truth. Sad thing is…I’ll probably never live long enough to hear it.

So, tell me what you think. Is there a case for reparations? If so, in what form should reparations come? Is it a dead issue that needs to go away? Or is it an issue that ALL Americans should never let die? This inquiring mind wants to know…so holla at me!


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