Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Leave Me Alone and Let Me Vote!

When I got home from work yesterday, two judges in Ohio ruled that it was neither necessary nor permissible for the Republican Party to send representatives to voting locations to challenge whether voter registrations were valid or not. Sometime during the night, however, those two judges were overruled. The Republican Party was granted its wish, and we would all be forced to deal with the potential that someone might challenge our right to vote.

The funny thing about the challengers is that they only seem concerned with Black neighborhoods where there have been recent spikes in the number of registered voters. Hmmm…go figure!

The Ohio media is also reporting instances where voters are directed to stand in lines for the wrong precinct. You can’t vote in the wrong precinct—despite whether or not your voting location is correct (there are numerous precincts in each voting location).

So we’ll see how the dust settles in my very pivotal “battleground” state. Stay tuned. Hell, forget that…just watch the news and we can chat about it tomorrow.

KERRY FOR PRESIDENT…or God help us all!

Oh…almost forgot. Since the Republicans have sent representatives to challenge the voters, the Democratic Party sent in representatives to challenge the challengers and protect the voters. The only result I’ve seen so far is even longer lines at the voting centers.

Anything to fuck up the process is what we can count on today. Damn!


At 8:52 PM, Blogger saidy said...

and the suppression of minorities continues...

thanks for the mucho love on my blog. im so glad you ain't scared to say it. lol. everyone else seems to be. notice how i changed my comments link? hehe.

big hugs

i loved how Tony P linked you the other day. bout time.


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