Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Affirmative Action for Hos...And Other News

Snoop Makes a Stand for Affirmative Action

Well, it seems that rapper Snoop Dogg plans to distance himself from his “Girls Gone Wild Doggystyle” series and its distribution company, Mantra Films. Snoop’s public shunning of the surprisingly-popular, pathetic production of college spring break at its most ridiculous, comes not because of the recently-settled lawsuit against him by two “Gone Wild” girls who had no idea that if they posed for Snoop’s camera that their faces might end up on the video covers. And it wasn’t because Mantra Films is being investigated on charges that they knowingly videotaped underage naked girls, provided cocaine and promoted prostitution while filming the series. No, those aren’t the reasons at all. Snoop told the Associate Press that he had to make a break because…

“If you notice, there hasn’t been no girls of (color) at all on none of those tapes. No Black girls, no Spanish girls—all White girls, and that (stuff) ain’t cool, because White girls ain’t the only hos that get wild.”

And there you have it…affirmative action for hos. Snoop…on behalf of all the hos out there who have been denied the right to place their titties on your windshield, please accept these words of thanks…You tired-ass, no-class-having, trifling, wanna-be-pimp-of-the-universe, need-a-hot-meal-witcho-skinny-ass, worthless waste of good rap flow, beeyatch! Whew…that was a mouthful!

In other news:

Nelly Sends PIMPS to College

And just when you thought you’d had enough of mainstream rap fuckery…Rapper Nelly’s energy drink, Pimp Juice, is offering a P.I.M.P. Scholars Program, which provides financial assistance to college students who show leadership in extracurricular activities. Yes, that’s right…you don’t need good grades to cash in on this $5,000 prize, which explains the astounding lack of grammar used when naming the program. The geniuses in Nelly’s camp decided that P.I.M.P. should stand for Positive Intellectual Motivated Person. Now how’s that for the future of W.E.B. DuBois’ Talented Tenth!

And just think, everybody was up in arms over what Bill Cosby had to say about the challenges within the Black community. Focus people…focus!


At 6:40 PM, Blogger Boogie said...

Its about time someone decided to speak on the fact that pimpin aint cute. Its a shame what the rap culture brings to the table. Its a shame that our people cannot see the opportunity for a voice that music and rap provides us with. I just cannot understand how pimping and ho'in has somehow become 'in style'. How our Black men who are supposed to protect us are the first to bring us down. How sistahs seem to thing that the jewel between their legs is a commodity to be sold for trivial goods - gucci boots and weekly hair appointments. How our celebrities see fit to promote PIMP juice and parade women on stage by chains as opposed to doing something positive in the community. How is it that Nelly, Snoop and the like make millions each year yet and still we still have prodominatly Black elementary schools with no books? How is it that a Black dominated event such as the NBA Allstar game can be held in the same city as a Historically Black College in jeapordy of closing for financial reasons and yet not one event was held for the schools benefit? But! you have clubs packed with people who have paid in upwards of $200 just to get in the muthafucka.

How do we not see the fools that we are making of ourselves and how we are paving our own path of obsolescense?

Thanks for your consciousness sis'. ;-)

At 11:16 AM, Blogger Rod said...

I'm sick of rap music. It's all the same. Bling, booty, and bitches. Guns, drugs, and snitches. Fame, fortune, and riches. No originality, no content, no soul, no hope, no future, no pride, no love, and no God. Why is it so popular then? Here is my theory.

Black folks only make up 15% of America at most. It is obvious that white teens are buying the music. They like it because it is escapism and dangerous entertainment. But for black people it can be false reality and shame. I'm not saying I don't like rap music, hell I've already downloaded 213's album. But come 2 weeks from now I will not listen to it again, most rap music for me has become disposable. However there are exceptions like Kanye West, The Roots, Mos Def, Common, Talib Qwali, Jurassic 5, and De La Soul. I'm proud to listen to these artist because they make music that is a good representation of self, and they look for solutions instead of glorifying the problems.

Because of artist like Snoop, Jay Z, Biggie, Tupac, Dr. Dre, and others, America thinks rap culture is black culture, and that is far from the truth. They rap about ghetto life. But hey, it sells, so from the artist's perspective what they're doing is right, because they're getting paid. They funny thing is, they think they are “keeping it real” talking about their imaginary gang affiliations, rented cars and homes in their videos, make believe drug dealing, and lies of murder. No rapper still lives in the ghetto, as soon as they get money they move out the ghetto, so how is that “keeping it real” playa?

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said.

i always find it quite rich that 50cent and JayZ sold out to reebok. Thats very gangsta aint it. More victims of the corporate machine.

Also i find the title of this blog very stupid. 'I aint scared to say it!' Name: JustMe Location: America LOL.
Anyone can say anything if they are hiding behind a false name. If your seriously were not scared you would atleast give a proper location and name. I aint scared to say this blog is aload of shit.

At 8:43 PM, Blogger JustMe said...

Dear Anonymous Bog Title Hater:

I hope this means you won't be back. Peace out...nosy!

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Matt the Hat said...

Anon dude slights the blog for not giving out a real name and then does the same... Total zero!

I can't comment on rap culture in another country to my own but I can comment on culture as a whole. The WWW culture is a culter of words.

Words are all we have, names are just handles to tie comments to a common thread and suggest that a single user is doing something... the truth is all we have are words flying at us the fact we attach personality to some clusters is just our way of coping.

The first rule of WWW is never give out your real name... so therefor: Hi, I'm Fredrick Johnson from Prauge. (It might be true but to be User371c is far more honest).

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