Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A Bit of Commentary: Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello and thank you for joining me. I’m Just Me, and this is my blog. It’s not journalism, literature, propaganda, poetry, or even a good diary entry after a drama-filled day. It’s just me saying what I want to say because I feel like saying it.
The topics I’m prepared to discuss reflect the shit that bothers me, intrigues me, concerns me, affects me or involves me in some way. I’ll talk about current events, relationships, politics, family and everything else in between. It would be nice if you dropped me a line from time to time to suggest topics of your own or add your two cents to the views expressed. I like open dialogue, but please keep all questions and comments free from rudeness. If you’re not feeling what I’m saying, there’s probably another blogger out there you can holler at.
I certainly won’t be trying to offend anybody. And I’m no expert by anybody’s standard. I’m Just Me: a black female, early 30s, born and raised in the Midwest but moved away for ten years, have no man, got a good job, and have one of the worst credit reports in history. But I have a good heart and far more than half a brain, so you should be able to gather some data that at least makes you think.
So join me on this journey toward answers and probably more questions. Together, we’ll talk about life and say the things that people know deep down, but generally don’t say, because it goes against the status quo. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the status quo. And while you’re here, you shouldn’t either. Just open your mind, lighten up or do whatever you need to do. ‘Cause I’m about to talk shit…and I ain’t scared to say it!


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